All books purchased through the Dragonsteel Books Mini-Con Site or as part of an event ticket bundle will be pre-signed by Brandon and will include a number within a commemorative stamp. Depending on your purchase, your book will either be shipped to you directly or will need to be picked up at Dragonsteel Mini-Con 2021. Numbers will be assigned to your book as follows:

Numbers assigned to personalized books: All books purchased in conjunction with the “Personalization for Charity” add-on will be personalized as requested at the time of their signing. Odd numbers beginning with 101 will be assigned, in order of purchase, to all personalized orders and books will be shipped before the event.

Numbers assigned to shipped books: Odd numbers beginning with 101 will be assigned, in order of purchase, to those who choose to have their book shipped to them or who purchase any form of personalization for charity.

Numbers assigned to books picked up at Dragonsteel Mini-Con: Numbered wristbands will be handed out at the Utah Valley Convention Center entrance beginning at 7am MST on Monday, November 22, until check-in begins. Pre-ordered Cytonic hardcovers will be handed out on Tuesday, November 23, beginning at 9am. *The Utah Valley Convention Center does not allow overnight camping. Please do not line up before 4am.* Wristbands will be provided at check-in for all in-person pickup. Numbers will be assigned—one number per person with confirmation of Cytonic purchase as part of an event bundle—beginning with 1 through 100, then even numbers from 102 and up.*

PLEASE NOTE! If getting a low number matters to you we do not recommend ordering personalization. Books with online personalization orders will be numbered based on the digital line.

*Dragonsteel Books reserves the right to make changes to these policies at any time for any reason and at their sole discretion.